Bing mobile image search upgrade for Android and iOS users

Bing mobile image search upgrade for Android and iOS users

Mobile First, Cloud First - once again.

This update to image searching does not arrive on Android and iOS via a new cross platform app from Microsoft but through a re-design of the service to be more responsive on the browsers on those devices.

The best news about Bing’s new image search? No typing required to discover more. Typing on mobile phones is hard. Typos are common and are a pain to fix on small screens. This is particularly painful for image searchers, who tend to refine and expand their searches a lot. How do we make searching easier without typing? We’re happy to take on that challenge.

So what tweaks were made to bring this new process to life?

Once your initial search term is entered the process of refining or expanding your search is accomplished and tweaked by just tapping on the bubbles presented near the top of the screen.  Items you no longer want included in the search can be removed by tapping the X next to that term.

Here is a screenshot from the browser on a Galaxy S4.

Bing Image Search

Noticeably absent from the mix with these new features is Windows Phone's IE11 Mobile.

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