Office 2016 Quick Start Guides from Microsoft

Office 2016 Quick Start Guides from Microsoft

I am a huge fan of resources and as a Microsoft watcher I am always on the lookout for great gouge to share.

Recently the Microsoft Office team unveiled a new batch of support documents called Quick Starts and these are focused on Office 2016.

The big change with these new guides is that the majority of them are now full online resources instead of separate downloads. While some of them are still available in PDF formats but they have also decided to create some of them in their new Sway program format which allows them to be viewed online.

The new Quick Starts for Office 2016 page list guides for both the business and consumer versions so here are the consumer focused items many of you will be interested in.

Online Versions

PDF Versions

Sway Versions

For those of you using Office 2016 for Mac there are also Quick Start Guides for you all that are available in PDF and Sway formats.

Even Windows 10 Mobile users have a set of Quick Start Guides that are available in PDF documents.

But, wait...there's probably more so be sure to follow me on Twitter and Google+.

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