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Office 2010 seeks to end Undo

One of the cool new features in Office 2010 is Paste Preview, which addresses a common issue: All too often, when users paste info into a document, they end up clicking Undo because they didn't get the results they expected. Here's the info from my coverage of Word 2010 in the Office 2010 Special Report:

One of the weird issues with Word, currently, is that if you're culling information from the web and paste it into a Word document, you often get a bunch of gobblygook that needs to be cleaned up. Using its application feedback tools, Microsoft found that the first thing most people do after pasting web content into a Word doc is to trigger the Undo feature. In Word 2007, you can of course change how pasted content appears after the fact, or you could try and find the application's default paste feature to manually configure how it works. With Word 2010, things are a lot simpler. You can set the default paste behavior directly from the Paste Options smart tag that appears when you do paste information into a document, but you can also use this tag to get a live preview of how each type of paste will work. So as you mouse over the various paste types, you can see how choosing each will change the content that's pasted before committing. Nice!

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