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Office 14 schedule revealed?

Stephen Chapman over at UX Evangelist has a nice little exclusive for us all to enjoy:

It's Official: Office 14 RTM Scheduled for a 2010 Release

I managed to get a hold of a very recent presentation regarding Software + Services and amongst the plethora of information is a small-yet-informative section regarding Office 14. In one slide, there are 3 pillars listed as an Office 14 value proposition by "dealing with the paradox of empowerment at the top and control at the bottom." The 3 pillars with their generic descriptions as they appear in the presentation are as follows:

Ubiquity and Specialization (Role-Based Productivity): Anywhere availability for information and applications. Avoid information overload through personalized workspaces and reporting for each end user.

Consumerization and Governance: The new "thumb generation" comes to work with an expectation to use devices and services uncommon in today’s enterprise class systems. At the same time, the enterprise must also be able to maintain governance by enforcing policies to those new systems and services (today: instant messaging, VoIP and web conferencing; tomorrow: live workspaces, content sharing, peer to peer, web 2.0,...).

Flexibility and Consolidation: Seamless integration with third party back end systems (CRM, ERP, etc.). Need for a cost-efficient platform that doesn’t require allocation of additional resources, consolidation of specialized technologies.

Now, without any further adieu, here is a screenshot of the roadmap slide which shows Office 14 in alignment with a 2010 release...

Check out the original post for a shot with the schedule. Good stuff.

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