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Note to Apple: Vista is fixed.

Deep Thought states the obvious, though it bears repeating:

Apple’s relentless anti-Vista smear campaign continues, with its latest round of “Mac vs. PC” commercials accusing Microsoft of spending money on marketing that it could be spending to “fix Vista.”

Here’s a note to Apple: Vista is fixed. It’s called Service Pack 1, a release that, by all accounts, addresses the vast majority of issues Vista had at launch. Windows Vista with SP1 is fast, stable and highly capable, and despite Apple’s relentless smear campaign, people are gradually beginning to realize that Vista isn’t as bad as they’d been led to believe.

It’s time for Apple to stop the smearing and go back to focusing on the positive aspects of Mac OS X.

When did they ever do that?  :) No, seriously. When?

Anyway, a second note to anyone who’s listening: Vista SP1 was finalized back in February. So Vista isn’t just fixed. It’s been fixed for over 6 months.

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