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Not news: Microsoft changing UAC in Windows 7

Mary Jo Foley reports on an Engineering Windows 7 blog post that describes change in User Account Control in Windows 7.

In the latest post on Microsoft’s “Engineering Windows 7″ blog, Microsoft officials acknowledge what everyone’s been assuming: Microsoft is going to fine-tune the User Account Control (UAC) feature with Windows 7.

Well. I don’t know about “assuming.” I discussed this fact during my Windows 7 presentation over a week ago (the slide titled “Other low-level notes” specifically mentions a “more granular User Account Control”), and I discussed this in the latest episode (#77) of the Windows Weekly podcast last week as well. In fact, the more granular UAC can be seen in the many M3 screenshots that leaked almost two full weeks ago. Here’s just one of them:

In other words, this isn’t news. Nothing to see here.

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