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No Ultimate Extras in Windows 7. But wait, it gets worse

So, Microsoft has issued an official statement about the infamous Ultimate Extras feature of Windows Vista Ultimate edition: They will not exist in the Windows 7 version of the product:

"Our new approach to planning and building Windows doesn't have the capacity to continue to deliver features outside the regular release cycle. While our core development team is focused on building the next release, our sustained engineering team is focused on updates to existing features. As a result, we don't plan to create Ultimate Extras."

OK, fair enough. Certainly, Microsoft's concept for Windows 7 Ultimate is better than that of the Vista version. But what about people who have Windows Vista Ultimate and decided to upgrade to Windows 7? Surely when they upgrade, they can at least continue to use the existing Extras, such as they are?


Instead, the Windows Vista Ultimate Extras are quietly removed from your PC during the upgrade to Windows 7. That's right: Those who were foolish enough to pay top dollar for Microsoft's most expensive ever version of Windows will literally see the perks they paid extra for disappear, perhaps forever.

I say perhaps above because it's unclear what will become of these features going forward. Some are certainly useful, and I'm sure there are at least 6 people out there who enabled DreamScene and actually kept it running for more than 17 minutes. Hey, you never know.

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