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IT Trends to Watch
Emerging IT Trends To Watch Report Getty Images

Emerging IT Trends To Watch Report

What enterprise technology should IT pros be paying attention to in 2021? Here we review the latest trends, exploring what they are, why they're worth paying attention to now, who benefits from them and what vendors are offering them.

ITPro Today regularly scans the IT landscape to identify the emerging enterprise technology most pertinent to IT pros. In this report, we cut through the hype and offer primers on the latest IT trends taking hold in 2021.

What are they? Why are people paying attention to them now? Who benefits from them? Where can you find them? By addressing those fundamental questions, we hope to help IT pros get a firm understanding of what these technologies are and how they could take advantage of them going forward.

Read on to learn about high performance computing (HPC) systems, "everything as code," formative AI, container-native storage, collaborative file sharing, serverless computing and more emerging IT trends.