New Products - 29 Apr 2008

Microsoft Access

Scale Forms to Match Screen Resolution
Developer Markus Gruber has announced the release of modScaleForm, a new freeware database utility that allows DBAs to easily modify Microsoft Access forms to match available screen resolutions. The program provides control over font elements, as well as a form-scaling ability that can make forms created in Access—which may be used as a front-end for SQL Server databases—align properly in different client screen resolutions. For more information about modScaleForm or to download a copy, go to

Business Intelligence
Data Analytics for Large Data Sets
Managing and providing analytics for large amounts of data is the focus of Vertica Analytics Database 2.0. According to Vertica, this new release helps make enterprise data warehouses more efficient by using data compression and providing more responsive data analysis. Vertica also claims that their database system features a shared-nothing, column architecture that supports concurrent loading and querying of data that improved performance even further. For more information, contact Vertica at 978-533-3500 or visit
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Business Process Modeling Tools

Enterprise Architecture Modeling
EA/Studio Community Edition is a new freeware version of Embarcadero’s EA/Studio business process management (BPM) tool. The software allows database architects to more easily model enterprise database architecture, particularly with regards to auditing and compliance needs. It can also import Visio model diagrams, and created data models can be shared with Embarcadero’s ER/Studio data modeling application. This product is also the third software release from Embarcadero that was developed using Eclipse, an open-source development framework that emphasizes interoperability between other products developed with the Eclipse framework. For more information, call Embarcadero at 415-834-3131, or visit to download a copy.
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Database Security

Log and Event Management
LogRhythm has announced LogRhythm 4.0, the latest version of their database log and event management utility. This new release gathers and analyzes logs generated by OBDC databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and IBM DB2. Logs can be analyzed remotely, and alerts can be configured to notify administrators when there is unauthorized access or questionable activity in the database auditing trail. LogRhythm 4.0 also introduces a new Log Miner tool that aggregates insider threat and anomaly detection information into a single, graphical control panel. Pricing for LogRythm 4.0 begins at $20,000. For more information, contact LogRythym at 303-413-8745 or visit

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