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New Offering from Embarcadero: XE Database Products

Embarcadero has unveiled its new XE branded database products. The company says that the new line of Embarcadero XE products features native support across all major databases with a consistent user interface, centralized license management and on-demand tool access via Embarcadero ToolCloud, and an easy upgrade path to Embarcadero All-Access XE. In a break with past practices, this new product line provides support for all database types with each product. Embarcadero notes that it is also the only vendor providing itsToolCloud technology with its products.

“With today’s increasingly complex, heterogeneous database environments, organizations need to maximize the capabilities of IT staff and leverage opportunities for greater automation, efficiency and scale,” said Will Cappelli, research vice president, Gartner. “While domain-specific database tools help meet some of these challenges, companies need to consider how easily these tools can be accessed and managed or their sought-after operational benefits may be limited.”

“We are meeting the challenges of complex IT environments by making it more cost-effective to equip IT staff with the tools they need, while simultaneously making those tools easier to manage,” said Michael Swindell, senior vice president of marketing and products for Embarcadero. “So now, we are not only changing how premium database tools are sold, we are transforming how IT organizations can manage, provision, and access those tools so they can optimize their technology spend and improve efficiency.”

According to an Embarcado press release the XE line has the following capabilities:

· Heterogeneous database support: Each XE product includes deep, native database platform and version support for all major databases, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MySQL and more with each product providing a consistent user interface across database platforms.

· Embarcadero ToolCloud-enabled: XE products provide users with on-demand, “zero-install” access to tools, along with centralized license management, which streamline the access, administration and provisioning of tools licenses for organizations with multiple users.

· All-Access upgradeable: Embarcadero products can be upgraded to All-Access XE, a complete, on-demand tool chest for architects, DBAs, and developers working in heterogeneous database environments.

“In the past, a customer would be identified as an Oracle shop or a SQL Server shop, but today’s IT organizations need to manage various types of databases,” added Swindell. “Our new XE products ensure they’re prepared for whatever database comes in front of them.”

The Embarcadero press release notes that the introduction of XE products is part of a larger companywide initiative that involves extending the XE brand and capabilities across its data modeling and application development tools later this year. The initial line of XE tools includes:

· All-Access XE–The industry’s only on-demand heterogeneous tool chest
· DB Change Manager XE–A tool for simplifying, automating and reporting on database changes
· DB Optimizer XE–A tool for heterogeneous database SQL profiling, tuning and monitoring
· DBArtisan XE–A tool for heterogeneous database administration
· Rapid SQL XE–A heterogeneous SQL integrated development environment (IDE)

The company has announced pricing in US dollars for the following products: All-Access XE begins at $2,995, DB Change Manager XE begins at $795, DB Optimizer XE begins at $795, DBArtisan XE begins at $4,995, and Rapid SQL XE begins at $1,495.

To learn more about the new XE product line visit

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