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New MSN Mobile Homepage

Microsoft today announced a new version of the MSN mobile home page that emulates the look and feel of in PC-based browsers.

From the new homepage, MSN Mobile customers can access features such as video within content, one-click access to Bing, Windows Live Hotmail and Messenger, in addition to the below:

Tabs – Tabbed content modules for news, sports and entertainment enables quick navigation to/through content

Breaking News – The breaking news module will highlight critical, time-sensitive news headlines

Auto-Suggest – Bing’s auto-suggest feature proposes query terms as a user types, making it easier for mobile users to complete their search

Personalization – Users will have the ability to easily personalize stock quotes, weather content and astrology content

To check out the new mobile homepage go to on your mobile device.

More info on the MSN Blog which notes, among other things...

The new homepage can be accessed on a range of mobile devices and browsers, including Safari on Apple iPhone, Safari on Android 1.x and 2.x, Opera 9.5 on Windows Mobile, and Webkit on Palm’s webOS. This device list will give us approximately 40% device coverage.

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