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New & Improved - 27 Apr 2004


Restore Your OS to a Previous State
512-330-9130, 800-408-8415

Winternals Software released Recovery Manager 1.2, an automated, remote recovery solution for Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT systems. The software can restore computer OSs to a previously known good state without affecting the data that's on each system. Rather than gathering all the data or entire volumes from each computer, the software gathers only essential system files and registry information from machines throughout the enterprise. You can remotely perform the entire analysis, repair, and recovery from the central console. The software now supports Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE) databases. Pricing is based on a per-server, per-workstation, and per-concurrent-administrative user basis.


Deploy Patches Across Platforms
650-930-5282, 888-800-5444

Marimba released its next-generation Security Patch Management solution, which lets you perform patch-management functions across major platforms. The solution provides automated security enforcement and performs remediation on local and remote systems. You can capture information across a dynamic group of patch targets, and the solution helps automatically package and deploy patches and fixes to desktops, laptops, servers, and devices. Pricing for the Security Patch Management solution is based on the number of endpoints and computer systems. Pricing starts at $35 per managed endpoint.


Learn About the Most Recent Patches and Updates
858-676-2277, 800-782-3762

St. Bernard Software launched a free, global opt-in email service to alert you about the most recent Microsoft security patches and updates when they become available. St. Bernard has also created a new Web page to let subscribers view the status of the most recently announced patches added to its UpdateEXPERT, a patch-management tool that automates the process of researching patch histories and codependencies. The email service isn't restricted to customers of St. Bernard Software's products. Instructions for a free subscription to the email service are available at


Detect OS and Application Vulnerabilities
727-562-0101, 888-688-8457

Sunbelt Software released Sunbelt Network Security Inspector (SNSI), a scanner that lets you find vulnerabilities in your OS and applications. You can use SNSI to assess one machine or an entire domain. The database can detect more than 1600 known security holes in the Windows OS. Customized reports can give you detailed descriptions about the holes in your network. You can also track trends and set up procedures to safeguard your network from future vulnerabilities. You can run a complete network discovery to identify devices on the network. SNSI can determine which OS and open ports are accessible. You can save vulnerability tests, then retest corrected vulnerabilities to make sure they've been eliminated. The software is priced at $1495 per administrator with no limit on number of machines.


Calculate IM Risks
831-440-2500, 800-368-3366

SurfControl announced Enterprise Risk Audit, an online resource to help you better identify and calculate the risks that Web, email, and Instant Messaging (IM) communications pose to your company. The resource can assess employee access to harmful or unacceptable Web-based content, malicious or inadvertent leaking of confidential company data, the distribution of inappropriate email and Internet content, unauthorized use of peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing, and unauthorized use of IM services. Enterprise Risk Audit calculates a corporate risk rating according to IT managers' responses to questions. Enterprise Risk Audit is free and available at


Manage Multivendor Device Configurations
888-228-3422, [email protected]

AlterPoint released DeviceAuthority Suite, a bundle of three network configuration management (NCM) products, including DeviceAuthority Audit Module, DeviceAuthority Update Module, and DeviceAuthority Server. DeviceAuthority Audit Module provides you with network device details such as hardware, software, and configuration information. DeviceAuthority Update Module lets you reliably and securely implement changes throughout the enterprise network. DeviceAuthority Server provides a core set of services to the DeviceAuthority Audit and DeviceAuthority Update modules, including reporting, device backup and version control, scheduling, notification, and management of user credentials. DeviceAuthority Suite, which bundles all three modules, starts at $19,950 for 100 devices.


Unify Management Capabilities
800-982-2130, [email protected]

LANDesk Software released LANDesk Management Suite 8.0, software that lets you manage your database, application, and Directory Service (DS) technologies from a single console. Role-based administration capability lets you assign console users the use of or limit their access to specific components, depending on the users' roles in the company. The new console design lets you control OS imaging and migration, asset management, remote control, software-license monitoring, patch management, server management, and software distribution. LANDesk Peer Download technology reduces downloads from the core server by accessing previously installed packages from peer computers on the same subnet. Pricing is $89.


Search for Hidden Data
[email protected]

Briggs Softworks released Directory Snoop 5.0, a cluster-level search tool that lets you look through your FAT- and NTFS-formatted disk drives to see which data exists. You can use Directory Snoop to recover deleted files you thought you'd never see again. You can also permanently erase sensitive files so that no one will know they ever existed. Supported media include local hard disks, 3.5" disks, Zip disks, magneto-optic (MO) disks, and flashcard devices. The software lets you destroy sensitive files; securely consolidate available drive space; purge sensitive filenames left behind after typical erasing; search, filter, and sort files globally by name and other parameters; view, search, print, and copy raw cluster data; and dynamically link clusters with cluster chains and the files that use them. Pricing is $39.95.


MessageScreen Platinum
781-410-3000, 800-219-9838

IntelliReach's MessageScreen Platinum is spam-, virus-, and image-filter software that uses advanced heuristic scoring to block more than 97 percent of spam and explicit content. MessageScreen's Web-based interface lets you quickly manage quarantined messages. The software analyzes all email messages for embedded images and HTML graphics. URL crawling capability can scan and filter images that hyperlinks reference, which accounts for more than 95 percent of pornographic email. The software features gateway-level spam filtration to catch messages before they enter the network, scans for more than 8000 spamlike characteristics, uses a Sophos antivirus engine, features a test mode so that you can easily customize rules without affecting email traffic, includes a backup email service that queues email messages to prevent lost messages if service is disrupted, and integrates with Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Notes, and Novell GroupWise.

Sam Levine, IntelliReach president and CEO, said, "The time to address the rising problem of spam is now. Stopping spam, viruses, and porn at the gateway—before it enters the network—is the surest method to defeat spam and preserve the integrity of the corporate messaging environment. Our MessageScreen Platinum appliance is leading the way in eliminating costly, unwanted email and enables any organization, regardless of size, to focus on its pertinent messages, allowing them to be a more productive organization."

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