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New features in Office 2010

I’ve got a short write-up I’ve been working on about the Office 2010 Tech Preview leak (see my screenshot galleries for more) but, what the heck, it’s the long weekend and I’m up in Vermont with my wife, recouping from my marathon jam session getting Windows 7 Secrets done. So here’s another look at what’s new in Office 2010 to tide you over. It’s a good one:

I had a feeling that 2010 wasn’t going to be an upgrade to Office like what Windows 7 is to the Windows family. Having said that, Office 2010 Technical Preview does show some promising upgrades. In between giving my exams I did find some time to play around with the leaked version of Office 2010 & found some improvements over Office 2007. One of the biggest additions to Office 2010 will be it’s online collaboration capabilities. Here are some noticeable improvements in the technical Preview build:

1. Built-In Screen Capture Tool

2. Background Removal Tool

3. Protected Mode

4. New Smart Art Templates

5. Author Permissions

6. Completely Revamped Options Under the Office Button

8. Jumplists in Outlook 2010

Check out the blog post for screenshots and more discussion. I’ll post something more about Office 2010 later in the week. In the meantime, back to that latte…

Thanks to Dmitry for the link.

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