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New Blog Aimed at "Second Generation" of PowerShell Users

If you currently use Windows PowerShell or you're thinking of doing so, you might want to check out Don Jones' new "PowerShell With A Purpose" blog. Don is a top-rated speaker at technology conferences such as Microsoft TechEd and Windows Connections and has authored more than 35 books. His newest book is Windows PowerShell 2.0, which he co-authored with Jeffrey Hicks.

Don's blog will be geared mainly toward what he calls the "second generation" of PowerShell users. According to Don, these are administrators who have plenty of command-line experience, but aren't comfortable with programming. They're willing to use PowerShell if they can use it as a shell, but they're not really interested in learning to script per se.


Although some of the "PowerShell With A Purpose" blogs will be specifically for Windows administrators, other blogs will be for anyone who uses PowerShell—including DBAs and other SQL Server professionals. For example, there will be blogs on PowerShell tips and tricks, PowerShell add-ons and extensions, and PowerShell best practices.

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