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New Automated Testing Tool: Telerik Releases Test Studio R2 2011

Telerik, an end-to-end provider of software application lifecycle and content management solutions, announced the second major release of Telerik Test Studio, an automated software testing toolset.The new release, Telerik Test Studio R2 2011 introduces new features such as application performance testing, manual test creation and management, and HTML5 support.

Telerik Test Studio R2 incorporates both UI performance and functional testing capabilities. Using the product, users can gauge both UI functionality and application responsiveness, locate and identify bottlenecks, and analyze test results. Users can construct web-performance tests that give insight into an application's performance metrics, and can also convert existing functional tests to performance tests with one click. Performance data gathered includes server processing time, network latency, and client rendering time, which QA and development teams can use in setting performance benchmarks and conducting side-by-side regression comparisons.


Viewing application performance metrics in Telerik Test Studio

Another new feature in Test Studio R2 is support for manual test creation, execution, and management. This feature enables manual testers who have relied heavily on spreadsheets for tracking test progress to migrate existing tests to use Test Studio's manual test maintenance and reporting. Test Studio also includes a new fast-forward feature that lets you automate repetitive manual test steps.

Other features in Test Studio R2 are HTML5 support, which provides translators for a variety of common HTML5 tags; element-management enhancements, including real-time search, sorting, filtering, and the ability to easily move tree elements within the element explorer; easier test execution on remote systems, allowing remote execution servers to run as non-administrative users; find expression UI improvements; expanded browser support; and enhanced support for Silverlight, XAML, and WPF platforms.

Telerik Test Studio is priced at $2,499. You can find more information about Test Studio R2 and download a trial version here .

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