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Nevron Software Offers Nevron .NET Vision 2010 Vol.1 for VS2008/2005

Nevron Software, a provider of data-visualization components and controls, announced the release of Nevron .NET Vision 2010 Vol.1 for Visual Studio (VS) 2008 and VS2005. Key among the enhancements provided in the new release is the addition of vector export capabilities to PDF, Flash, Silverlight (XAML), and EMF formats. In combination with the existing SVG support, this improvement enables the components in the new Nevron .NET Vision suite to offer support for both rich Internet applications (RIAs) and printed media support inside a single and consistent API. As a result, developers can create complex BI dashboards, SCADA interfaces, workflows, organization charts, and other elements that accommodate diverse media requirements.

The.NET charting component has also been extended to provide built-in support for the visualization of large data sets. Embedded in the component are advanced multithreaded clustering and sampling algorithms, which let you visualize data sets with hundreds of thousands of data points. Additionally, the
.NET diagramming framework now automatically leverages the power of multicore processors, by using multiple threads to perform complex layouts faster. WinForm controls embedding is a new feature that lets you create complex interfaces that blend diagrams with existing WinForm controls. Moreover, all components in the suite are now fully localizable.

You can find more information about Nevron .NET Vision 2010 Vol.1 at To download a fully functional evaluation version of the product, go to

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