Neverfail and SQL Server Always On Program Offer High Availability

Neverfail announced that it has joined Microsoft’s SQL Server Always On program, which helps SQL Server customers maintain high availability in their SQL Server environments.  SQL Server Always On technologies minimize planned or unplanned downtime by monitoring mission-critical applications, such as SQL Server, for outages and provides automatic failover in the event of an outage. (If you’re interested in finding out more about SQL Server’s native high availability options, take a look at SQL Server 2005’s High Availability Options.)

According to Neverfail, it’s one of the first Independent Software Vendors (ISV) to support Microsoft SQL Server Always On technologies by offering application availability via integrated data replication, monitoring, and failover. Neverfail for SQL Server was reviewed by Microsoft to ensure that the product met the SQL Server Always On software solution requirements. You can learn more about the SQL Server Always On program at

"We are very excited to be one of the first software solutions for integrated database replication and application monitoring to be recognized as a part of the Always On Program," says Paddy Falls, Neverfail’s CTO. "Neverfail for SQL Server ensures maximum availability of SQL Server through planned and unplanned outages. The flexibility to provide local and remote configurations further extends the choices for Microsoft customers to deliver applications that are always on." Neverfail for SQL Server is a high availability and disaster recover product that monitors your SQL Server databases for changes. If it finds changes, Neverfail for SQL Server makes sure those changes are included in its replication set so that they can be fully restored in the event of failover. Also, this product monitors the health of your SQL Server environment. To find out more about Neverfail for SQL Server, visit

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