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Netbiscuits Adds HTML5+ Extension to Its Mobile Rich UI Development Framework

Netbiscuits, a provider of cloud software services for cross-platform mobile development, announced that it has incorporated HTML5 capabilities into its Rich UI Development Framework by adding a new "HTML5+" extension to the framework. This extension lets developers create rich user experiences for mobile web applications using HTML5 technologies, with support for various mobile platforms including Windows Phone 7, iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, and others.

New "biscuits," or Netbiscuits' building blocks for mobile sites, included in this extension are auto-location via GPS, animated tickers, and advanced image and video galleries. Additionally, the framework has been expanded to develop multi-touch navigation, floating layers, swiping galleries, dynamic maps, auto-complete, and get-remote content features for mobile web applications.

"The term 'HTML5+' is our way of defining our approach towards upcoming new technologies in the mobile space," said Michael NeidhÖfer, CEO of Netbiscuits. "The mobile market is growing every day, and many developers are frustrated working with development environments which only support the lowest common denominator or only one platform such as iOS. Netbiscuits provides solutions for our clients today, which get the best possible user experience out of each device by making the best use of the specific features of any given mobile device," said NeidhÖfer.

For more information about Netbiscuits and its services, visit Netbiscuits' website.

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