Visual Basic .NET Programmer’s Reference



Visual Basic .NET Programmer's Reference

When the cubicle-bound programmer is looking to supplement a reference library, he or she usually prefers concise, to-the-point materials over bloated tomes. Despite its diminutive size, Visual Basic .NET Programmer's Reference has retained its reputation for being comprehensive and succinct, and author Dan Rahmel has updated his venerable reference guide to address VB .NET's new features.


The core of the book is an alphabetical function listing that you can turn to quickly when stumped. Although it is not packed with examples, it contains enough information to answer your questions. The rest of the book is filled with topical chapters addressing the most common programming issues, including a chapter of the most common how-to examples. Rahmel does a good job of introducing .NET's new features, setting off this discussion in an introductory chapter.


This book won't teach you how to program in VB .NET - it is purely a reference work. Topics that fall outside the arena of common tasks are not well addressed here, but they require more space than the format allows and are better served by a more specific work. This useful book will become coffee-stained and dog-eared quickly while on the programmer's desk.


- Warren Rachele


Visual Basic .NET Programmer's Reference by Dan Rahmel, Osborne/McGraw-Hill,



ISBN: 0-0721-9534-7

Cover price: US$19.99

(406 pages)



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