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Tier 3 Provides .NET Support for Cloud Foundry Platform

Enterprise cloud platform provider Tier 3 announced that it has contributed a .NET framework implementation to the open-source Cloud Foundry community.

The so-called Iron Foundry offering will be offered in the platform-as-a-service format to give developers a .NET offering within Cloud Foundry. Tier 3’s Iron Foundry contribution consists of a core .NET Framework fork of Cloud Foundry, which Tier 3 is committing to keep in synch with the main Cloud Foundry branch. Developers can also access for both a Windows version of Cloud Foundry Explorer as well as a Visual Studio Plugin for Cloud Foundry. Tier 3 will also make the core code available on GitHub under an Apache 2.0 license.

“When we started looking at Cloud Foundry, we really liked the platform for internal use. One of the things that kept coming up was that there wasn’t a .NET option, so we started building our own,” said Jared Wray, founder and CTO of Tier 3. “We have a lot of customers that use .NET as their primary language. Our IP is what separates us from everyone else—we have IP at every single layer of the stack for cloud computing.”

In addition to the core Iron Foundry code project, Tier 3 is also committing support to the Iron Foundry community to help contributors and implementers. To ensure that contributors have access to engineering and technical support, Tier 3 is committing time from Tier 3’s own expert engineers via the community forums and donating a full test bed environment via a “try it now” feature on

“Thought leadership is a great thing to have, but it wasn’t the primary reason we decided to do this,” Wray said. “But it also enables to go into all kinds of markets for the enterprise where customers are asking for .NET capabilities.”

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