TeeChart for .NET v3 Available

TeeChart for .NET v3 Available

TeeChart for .NET v3 continues in the TeeChart tradition of offering depth of functionality across a myriad of foreseeable application requirements. Version 3 for .NET also embraces much of what s offered in Microsoft s .NET Framework, including first-time specifics for Reporting Services, ASP.NET with AJAX, plus under the cover improvements such as use of generics and ICloneables. TeeChart breaks the mold and industry standard by offering across-the-board support for WinForm, WebForm, Compact Framework, Reporting Services, Gauges, and Maps all in one version.

 Use TeeChart for .NET charting control on or behind the desktop, as well as in server-based and ASP.NET applications.


Tee Chart .NET Professional Version

TeeChart offers many Series types to visualize data and function types including many specialized financial functions, multiple axes, multiple tool, export to file or stream as image or as Text, HTML, or Excel data, or as optimized chart definition files for high-speed network applications. Display features include customizable canvas objects, transparency, and anti-aliasing, as well as 2D and 3D views. TeeChart is high-speed and multi-page and may be mouse-zoomed and scrolled.


Feature Summary

  • 100% Managed C# .NET Charting Control
  • Full C# source code available
  • Fully exploits Microsoft s .NET Framework. Versions for Framework v1.0, v1.1, and v2.0
  • Components for WinForm, WebForm, Compact Framework, and SQL Reporting Services
  • Data aware: Direct access to .NET data sources
  • Direct access to URL-addressable Charts
  • Design-time WebForm WYSIWYG Chart Control
  • PocketPC and WindowsCE support
  • 12 standard Series types
  • 45 Extended Series types
  • 41 Statistical functions
  • Functions include: ADX, Bollinger, Correlation, Exponential Trend, MACD, Median, Mode, Perimiter, Reducing number of Points, RSI, and Variance
  • Series Gallery
  • 2D, 3D, and OpenGL 3D
  • TeeChart Themes for template and color palette management
  • Direct high-speed, add of Array data to Chart
  • Zoom, scroll, and real time
  • Multiple unlimited Custom Axes
  • Stream export/import capability for BLOB storage and direct output to client
  • Image export as bitmap, metafile, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PDF, SVG, EPS, and native Chart format
  • Data export as Excel, XML, HTML, CSV (Text), and native Chart format
  • Royalty free in compiled desktop applications
  • 31 Chart add-on tools, including annotation and color banding
  • Multi-page Charts
  • Custom 3D Drawing Objects
  • Customizable printing
  • Transparency and anti-aliasing on all Chart object Pens, Brushes, Fonts, and Gradients
  • Extensive demos for Visual Studio .NET, including WinForms, ASP.NET WebForms, and Compact Framework
  • AJAX client-side WebChart processing
  • Web functionality includes Hotspot, Scroll and Zoom Tools, and Mapping support
  • New Text and XML Data Source Components
  • Design-time integrated Chart and Series editor
  • HTML Help v2 Online help and electronic reference
  • Extended Statistical and Financial functions
  • Run-time Chart Editor and Print Previewer
  • Run-time Series ListBox and TeeCommander control bar
  • Optional Professional-level technical support


Steema Software

Price: US$649 (without source code)

Web Site: http://www.steema.com/products/teechart/net/whatsnew.html


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