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TechEd 2010: NETIKUS.NET Talks EventSentry

On the first day of TechEd 2010, I met with Ingmar Koecher of NETIKUS.NET--always a pleasure to catch up. You'll recall that EventSentry is an interesting cross-platform, proactive, real-time monitoring solution that watches over your servers, workstations, and network devices to ensure maximum availability. EventSentry also assists with your compliance needs. "This is a versatile, reliable, comprehensive solution," Koecher says.Netikus

I've always admired EventSentry for its evolution: Koecher is proud of his solution because it does what he, as a systems admin himself, always imagined a network-monitoring solution should do. Ever since, the product has evolved to address the always-changing needs of real administrators in the field.

With EventSentry you can consolidate and monitor event logs and log files in real-time as well as monitor performance, disk space, services, processes and software/hardware installations on servers and workstations. Additional features include NTP Syncronization, temperature & humidity monitoring as well as motion/smoke/water detection. The compliance tracking feature tracks processes, console and network logons, account management activity, policy events and print jobs for audit purposes. The product uses multilingual open-source web reports.

Koecher offered a list of key factors why he believes he has the best overall solution for event log, server, and network monitoring:

1. Free support and updates for one full year: Free updates include all releases of the version you purchase (e.g. if you purchase v2.70, then you can upgrade to v2.80 for free), and not just bug fix releases. 
2. Open standards: The EventSentry web reports and the underlying database model are open source. This makes it easy to customize the web reports that ship with EventSentry and/or develop custom applications, reports and scripts that link to the EventSentry reporting database.
3. Quality assurance for the lifetime of the product: If you find a bug in EventSentry, even after your support and updates have expired, we wilthey'll send you a fix or a new version at no charge.
4. Affordability: All the software is reasonably priced, and the company also offers a free but limited edition of EventSentry called EvntSentry Light.
5. Extended trial period: Enjoy a trial period of 30 days.
6. Fast and professional support: NETIKUS.NET offers exceptionally fast and efficient support and solve most support issues in less than one hour.
7. Straightforward feafures and pricing: EventSentry doesn't have any plug-in modules. All features are included in one version.
8. Responsive to customer suggestions: If you would like to see a feature not currently present in EventSentry (and not in the roadmap), just send an email.

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