Symphoniq Launches TrueView .NET Diagnostics

Symphoniq Launches TrueView .NET Diagnostics

Symphoniq announced the general release of TrueView .NET Diagnostics, a new addition to the TrueView End-to-End Web Performance Management Suite. This product can be used to manage applications built on the Microsoft .NET platform. It monitors every user transaction, and automatically records which infrastructure element was responsible for any performance problems.

 The complexity of Web infrastructure can hide the source of problems and make them difficult to find. TrueView .NET Diagnostics simplifies this complexity by tracing each transaction from the user s Web browser, through the network, Web server, and .NET application framework, to the database tier. This end-to-end perspective lets a single IT administrator diagnose problems in minutes, rather than forcing a cross-disciplinary triage team to spend days troubleshooting all the different components.

 TrueView .NET Diagnostics works with Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 (MOM), allowing MOM 2005 administrators to monitor the performance of individual users and transactions from Internet Explorer through IIS and the .NET Framework to SQL Server 2005, and to understand how each component contributes to the overall end-user response time.

 TrueView .NET Diagnostics can manage any application built on the .NET Framework, including Microsoft s SharePoint Portal Server, Commerce Server, BizTalk Server, and Content Management Server.


Symphoniq Corp.

Price: Starts at US$20,000, depending upon configuration

Web Site:


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