Spell Checker Component for the .NET Platform Released

Spell Checker Component for the .NET Platform Released

Tachyon Labs announced an upgraded version of their flagship product, SharpSpell (previously named TachyonSpell.NET). Completely redesigned, this version includes new features such as Spell-As-You-Type spell checking for TextBoxes and RichTextBoxes, ASP.NET spell-check dialog support, Artificially Intelligent Suggestions, and more.

 SharpSpell sports an improved suggestion algorithm, based on Jaro-Winkler, which can rank suggestions higher depending on the distance of the mistyped key on the keyboard.

 SharpSpell provides complete support for ASP.NET, including two modes of spell-checking (dialog based or menu based). SharpSpell provides 100% customizable dialog boxes, with complete source code, for ASP.NET and desktop applications. SharpSpell also provides royalty free licensing.

 An online demonstration and downloadable trial version are available from the Tachyon Labs Web site.


Tachyon Labs

Price: US$199

Web Site: http://www.tachyon-labs.com

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