Software FX Ships Chart FX for .NET

Software FX Ships Chart FX for .NET

Software FX has announced Chart FX for .NET, an advanced charting solution for the.NET Framework. Chart FX for .NET has been completely rewritten to ensure it exists as fully managed code, featuring increased security, easier integration with XML Web Services, enhanced XML support, a new and improved API, and multiple-format image generation (JPEG, GIF, PNG, ActiveX, and SVG). To take advantage of GDI+, many advances were made to the presentation layer. Improvements include new chart types, artistic borders, gradients, anti-aliasing, alpha-blending, transparency, background images, new color palettes, customizable legends, unlimited axes, per-marker and per-title attributes, and improved zoom and scroll capabilities.


Software FX Inc.

Price: Starts at US$899

Contact: (800) 392-4278; (561) 999-8888

Web Site:


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