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Professional ASP.NET 1.1



Professional ASP.NET 1.1

Toward the end of the 20th Century when Microsoft unveiled Active Server Pages, one publisher s book on the subject stood out among the crowd: Professional ASP, published by Wrox Press. In fact, the book was so well received that it cemented Wrox s position as a respected publisher among developers focused on developing and deploying Microsoft technologies. Sadly, with the rise and fall of the dot-com era, Wrox fell upon hard times. However, its imprint was resuscitated by Wiley Publishing and has continued to evolve the brand and the book s lineage from Alex Homer s original Professional ASP book first published in 1998.


Alex is back and headlines Professional ASP.NET 1.1, having written 10 of its 24 chapters (including all the appendices). Readers learn this because Wiley has implemented a fair practice that is long overdue in the multiple-authored technical book market, namely, crediting the author with the chapters they were responsible for writing. Doing so not only helps to clearly identify the mind responsible for the work, but also makes it easier for readers to associate with a particular author s teaching style. Additionally, the book s three most prolific writers provide their e-mail addresses for readers to directly send inquiries about a particular chapter. Good move.


The first four chapters of the book contain the usual .NET Framework and Language introductions, installations, and configurations, coupled with a quick review of the ASP.NET Page class and built-in Page Directives. Chapters 5 through 7 hit the server-side controls for Web forms, including list controls for data binding purposes. The next four chapters cover ASP.NET s connection to relational databases, including reading and writing XML documents. Chapters 12 through 14 cover configuration and security considerations, followed by several chapters on working with collections and lists, other base classes and .NET components, and building ASP.NET server controls.


Two chapters discuss exposing and using Web services, and are followed by a chapter on working with mobile controls. Chapters on debugging, performance tuning, migration, and interoperability are followed by the last chapter, which features an IBuyAdventure.NET case study summarizing most of the key concepts discussed throughout the title. The example is a port of ASP 2.0 s AdventureWorks sample application, completely rewritten for the ASP.NET platform in C# syntax. Both C# and VB.NET source code versions and sample database files can be downloaded from the Professional ASP.NET 1.1 book link at Lastly, the book wraps up with four densely packed appendices that cover common system namespaces, performance tips, changes in ASP.NET 1.1, and additional references.


As with previous editions before it, Professional ASP.NET 1.1 is jam-packed with educational tidbits in both C# and VB.NET syntax. And like older versions, this book is much more tip- and reference-oriented in nature. In other words, readers should already be quite familiar with C#, VB.NET, and ASP to gain the most benefit. Newcomers to the .NET platform and Web-based programming will no doubt struggle through each chapter. But for intermediate ASP.NET developers seeking to upgrade their skills, Professional ASP.NET 1.1 is a must-have book to add to their ASP.NET reference collection.


Mike Riley



Title: Professional ASP.NET 1.1

Authors: Alex Homer, Dave Sussman, Rob Howard, Brian Francis, Karli Watson, Richard Anderson

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 0-7645-5890-0

Book Web Site:

Price: US$49.99

Page Count: 1,337 pages



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