PortController.NET Available

PortController.NET Available

Scientific Component released PortController.NET version 1.0 for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. PortController.NET provides an API that enables .NET developers to add support for multithreaded serial port communications without grappling with thread management or RS-232 protocol details.

 PortController.NET allows developers to exercise full control over the serial port, including reading and writing text and binary data, setting communications parameters, and managing control line and handshaking states. PortController.NET also monitors the serial port and notifies the developer s application when an event occurs or incoming data is received.

 Working with PortController.NET allows developers to create software that interacts with laboratory instruments, navigational devices, and medical equipment in minutes, instead of the days or weeks it might otherwise take to implement a solution from scratch.

 PortController.NET comes with 12 example applications that demonstrate a variety of programming techniques in Visual Basic.NET, C#, and C++. The PortController.NET source code is also available if a company requires additional long-term security and transparency.

 PortController.NET may be used royalty free as part of an application. Visit the Scientific Component Web site for more information or for a free trial version.


Scientific Component

Price: Starts at US$299

Web Site: http://www.scientificcomponent.com


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