Perpetuum Software Announces .Net ModelKit <st1:address><st1:Street>Suite</st1:Street> 2.3</st1:address>

Perpetuum Software Announces .Net ModelKit

Suite 2.3

Perpetuum Software announced the release of a new versionof their .Net ModelKit Suite, the interconnected development framework for .NETWindows Forms and ASP.NET Web Forms, which helps you create BI Applicationsthat process, analyze, and visualize data. The .NET ModelKit Suite 2.3 includesnew versions of the following components:

 Report Sharp-Shooter. This reportingengine supports all .NET data sources, which allows the development ofprofessional reports for Win and Web Forms applications. This component featuresthe built-in pivot table component and chart component. This new version ofReport Sharp-Shooter includes an improved report viewer component for Web Formsapplications that includes a possibility to set custom methods of the temporarystorage of a generated document on the server side. Significant improvements inthe PDF, RTF, and HTML export options accelerate and optimize working with datatransfer.

  OLAP ModelKit. This componentallows users to interact with huge databases summarizing and exploring data, toview any amount of data and to perform interactive analysis. You can use XP,Office, or Smooth styles for table design. A new ProfessionalPainter was addedto a new version of the OLAP ModelKit 2.3.

 Chart ModelKit. This is a chartcomponent with the built-in WYSIWYG designer and an advanced data bindingmodel. This new version includes the ability to create a multi-column legend. Anewly-added UseRoundValues property allows displaying numeric labels on an axisand in a grid in the most convenient way. A new DashBoardViewer control allowsthe joint use and display of charts and graphs from the Chart ModelKit andgauges from the Instrumentation ModelKit.

  Instrumentation ModelKit. Thissoftware component enables the creation of digital dashboards to display andmonitor real-time data. The library includes 80+ ready-made controls and afull-featured designer allows the creation of new instruments from scratch, aswell as modifying existing ones.

 ReportSharp-Shooter, OLAP ModelKit, Instrumentation ModelKit, and Chart ModelKit areavailable as part of the .NET ModelKit Suite and as separate softwarecomponents.

 The componentsincluded in the suite are fully compatible with each other and represent aunified development framework with similar design-time and run-timecustomization facilities, common data management, and appearance customizationmethods. This allows you to minimize coding and fulfill any task of dataprocessing and presentation.

 Download thefully-functional and not time-limited trial version of the product:


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Price: Contact Perpetuum

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