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Nevron Chart for .NET 3.0 - 30 Oct 2009

Easy and Affordable Charting Solutions



Nevron Chart for .NET 3.0

Easy and Affordable Charting Solutions


By Mike Riley


There must be a major market for charting components in the .NET world. Most every major .NET component vendor offers a chart control in their suites, and several companies specialize in extensive, highly flexible charting components for the .NET environment. Each vendor has a different interpretation on the best way to graphically display data, and Nevron has added their own version to this crowded market. Although it isn t the broadest assembly with the most variety of chart types, it will sufficiently fill the needs of most developers seeking an easy and inexpensive commercial solution.


Figure 1: Nevron s Web forms edition chart control parameters can be easily experimented with via the well organized browser examples.


Nevron Chart offers a good deal of chart types in its own right. These include 2D and 3D styles for area, bar, bubble, combo, contour, financial, floating, grid, high-low, line, mesh surface, pie, point, polar, radar, stock, and shape charts. The editable properties of each of these types may not be as exhaustive as other charting components, but, frankly, unless an absolute granular approach is needed, the properties that are exposed are more than adequate for tweaking the right look of a chart s final output. A chart wizard that can be used to generate a chart design both inside and outside the Visual Studio.NET environment is as easy to use as the rest of the product. And, unlike some of the more expensive alternatives, Nevron Chart can be expanded to full screen view. Finally it s easy to see what a chart looks like in an expanded window!


Figure 2: The new features in the 3.0 release include direct binary stream output, as well as enhancements in the 2D bar, area, and line charts and background borders.


A new rendering engine has been added to the 3.0 release, which allows developers to select between either OpenGL or GDI+, both of which can be selected either at design or run time. This can be applied to bitmap and window rendering surfaces, providing slick visual effects for softer shading and a more contemporary look. The new release also includes filter effects for 2D charts, including blur, bevel, emboss, lighting, and glow filters that can be applied for a more professional and aesthetically appealing design. HTML-style text embedded into the chart s display and improved HTML image maps integrated into the outbound image stream have also enhanced the product. The Data Zoom and Data Cursor tools provide end-user zoom for detail, and hover text features allow for drill down and better labeling of data. The latest version has also been improved with faster chart rendering, making it a desired upgrade for satisfied users of the 2.0 or earlier release. In all, the improvements from 2.0 to 3.0 are significant and worth the 80% discount toward the upgrade cost.


Figure 3: Included in the product is the Windows forms edition of the control, which functions identically to its Web forms counterpart.


I experienced only two minor bumps with the product. First, with the addition of the GDI+ enhancement, the NevronTemp folder must be given write permissions to render the charts to a temporary folder before delivery. This won t be a problem for most developers, but it could provide a concern for the most security-conscious administrators.


Figure 4: The Chart Wizard offers full-screen construction.


Second, a minor nuisance with the tree view on the example s Web demonstration page only works with Internet Explorer, so those developers using Firefox or Opera will need to switch to IE to see the demonstrations. Thankfully, the chart output and control manipulation demonstrations seem to work just fine in these alternative browsers. Interested developers can manipulate the chart properties via the online demonstration at




Good variety of most popular chart types.

Library of chart formats not as extensive as other commercial chart control vendors.

One of the least expensive among the commercial chart controls.

Write permission settings must be made to the NevronTemp directory to bypass a GDI+ security exception.

Nevron offers the option to purchase a license to the component s source code.



Although Nevron Chart for .NET may not be the most comprehensive chart control on the market today, it is certainly one of the most affordable and, quite honestly, offers the bulk of what most developers seeking a flexible charting solution expect to use in most straightforward chart visualization circumstances.


Mike Riley is an advanced computing professional specializing in emerging technologies and new development trends. Readers may contact him at mailto:[email protected].


Web Site:

Price: Single-developer license, US$569; single-developer license with source, US$2,269; site license, US$3,129; site license with source, US$12,489.

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