Nevron Chart for .NET 3.0 - 30 Oct 2009

Nevron Chart for .NET 3.0

Nevron LLC announced Nevron Chart for .NET 3.0, a charting component designed to be integrated in Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003. This new version includes such features as a new GDI+ Rendering Engine with image filters, an improved Chart Wizard, new chart types, and more.

 The component features myriad charting types, which can be used to create effective visual displays. It also provides many Windows Forms and ASP.NET-specific enhancements, like built-in user interface components (Grid, Toolbar, Wizard, etc.), editors, an automatic server configuration utility, designers, and other features that simplify the development of full-featured charting applications. The clean design and object model of the component help to reduce the learning curve and simplifies the development with Nevron Chart.

 Nevron plans to release Nevron Chart for .NET 4.0 in the near future. Check the company s Web site for updates and complete product details.


Nevron LLC

Price: See Web site.

Web Site:


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