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NETIKUS.NET Releases EventSentry 3.0

NETIKUS.NET Releases EventSentry 3.0

A major upgrade to a critically acclaimed monitoring suite

NETIKUS.NET announced the general availability of EventSentry 3.0, a major upgrade to its log, compliance, and network monitoring suite. With version 3.0, NETIKUS.NET adds significant value to its monitoring ecosystem.

The most significant improvement is the completely new web-based reporting, which features a fresh new look, is platform-independent (Windows, Linux, OS X), and offers a unique and new way to look at data collected from your network. Mobile clients are also better supported, searching (event) logs supports complex queries, and dashboards are more flexible. The new jobs functionality helps automate reporting tasks—for example, with the improved software/hardware inventory and warranty checks.

Enhanced cross-platform capabilities are also available on the monitoring end, and any SNMP-enabled device can now be monitored as part of EventSentry’s heartbeat monitoring functionality. Combined with the existing Syslog and SNMP trap monitoring capabilities, EventSentry can now fully monitor Linux, BSD and other SNMP-enabled devices.

"With this release, we are entering a lot of new territory, and EventSentry users will have unified view of their networks—regardless of the OS," says Ingmar Koecher, founder of NETIKUS.NET. "Equally exciting is the fact that all customers with active maintenance agreements will be able to download this major update completely for free."

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The EventSentry management console also received a face-lift and now features a ribbon, which simplifies many common tasks in EventSentry for new and existing users. The management console also includes an improved built-in event viewer, which makes viewing the various Windows event logs much easier. A new authentication manager makes managing credentials in EventSentry more reliable and much easier to use.

The EventSentry agent received a number of new features as well as stability and performance improvements. Among the new functionality is the ability to send desktop alerts to Growl and easily integrate with various mobile push services. Existing users benefit from a new disk space monitoring feature which can predict when hard drives will be full.

To help detect ARP spoof attacks, as well as detect and track new devices, EventSentry introduces the ARP daemon as a new component in the network services. Built on the popular (Win)Pcap library, the new ARP daemon monitors all network traffic to notify network administrators when new network devices are added, and when ARP spoofing behavior is suspected.

You can download EventSentry and EventSentry Light here.

Find more information at the NETIKUS.NET website.

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