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NETIKUS.NET Releases EventSentry 2.90

NETIKUS.NET has released version 2.90 of EventSentry, its network-monitoring solution. EventSentry collects event logs and reports issues with compliance or system health, providing a comprehensive overview and speeding up the diagnosis of problems.

The most notable change to 2.90, according to the vendor, was incorporating a wide variety of customer suggestions into the new version. “We have been getting a tremendous amount of feedback from customers from our \[previous\] 2.81 release, and I’m happy to say that we’ve implemented the majority of those requests,” said Ingmar Koecher, president and founder of NETIKUS.NET.

Additional revisions to the product include adding native support for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista; an improved open-source web reporting interface including granular access control; and new compliance reporting such as file access tracking, NTP synchronization, and uptime monitoring.

For a pricing chart, visit For more in-depth reviews on the EventSentry product, see the links below.

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