NetAdvantage for .NET 2006 Volume 3 - 30 Oct 2009

NetAdvantage for .NET 2006 Volume 3

NetAdvantage for .NET 2006 Volume 3 provides developers with the ability to create ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications with the new look and feel of Microsoft Office 2007, using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2003, or 2002.

 Developers can build full contextual Windows Forms-based applications using the Office 2007-styled Ribbon, or create and style Office-type applications for both ASP.NET and Windows Forms with the three new color schemes (Blue, Black, and Silver). Additionally, the Infragistics Charting engine in NetAdvantage for .NET 2006 Volume 3 matches the new chart styles provided in Office 2007.

 Infragistics AJAX-enabled, Atlas -ready ASP.NET controls are now styled with the latest Office 2007 UI, including WebCalendar, WebChart, and WebGrid. Developers can enable built-in AJAX behaviors alongside Atlas , and can leverage the partial rendering capabilities of the newest addition, the WebAsnycRefreshPanel. With WebChart, developers can now hide and display chart series, and apply the new Office 2007-style presets.


Infragistics Inc.

Price: Starts at US$795

Web Site:


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