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Introducing the Windows 2000 Magazine Network

As a former IT manager, I've often scrambled to find the solution to a problem that was plunging toward my head like one of Wile E. Coyote's Acme anvils. Since the launch of Windows NT Magazine and back in September 1995, our goal has been to provide loads of practical, how-to technical material to help you do your job every day. Over the past 5 years, we've added 14 Web sites and launched 13 email newsletters that provide more ways to fulfill that mission. Each of these resources targets solutions to your Windows technology challenges.

What Problem Do You Want to Solve?

To help you learn about and access all these information outlets, we've combined our online resources and built the Windows 2000 Magazine Network. To access this mile-deep compilation, you go to, a portal from which you can search all our sources by keyword, topic, author, or publication. For example, suppose you do a keyword search on "Active Directory." The search results show every article on this topic from Windows 2000 Magazine; the Exchange Administrator, IIS Administrator, and Win32 Scripting Journal print newsletters; and SQL Server Magazine. You'll also see related stories from our collection of news items, and you'll see lists of related third-party products from our database of more than 4000 Win2K and NT products.

In addition, you'll find relevant results from the network's site, a comprehensive collection of frequently asked questions. When I'm stuck on a tough problem and think that somebody else must have already figured it out, I like to look for an FAQ site to find out. Our network's Win2K and NT FAQ contains thousands of questions from administrators and the answers they discovered the hard way.

What if you don't find exactly what you're looking for in the FAQ? Well, you can post a question on our active moderated forums and get an answer from your peers.

Suppose a security concern motivated your search on "Active Directory." You can search our network's Win2K and NT security site,, which industry expert Mark Joseph Edwards built and maintains. This site provides analysis of security issues, how-to articles, security alerts, and much more.

What Do You Want to Learn?
If you want to get up to speed on a particular technology, our network offers a free Web cast site, There, you can view sessions from technical conferences. For example, you can watch Mark Russinovich teaching a 90-minute Win2K internals class, learn from Sean Daily about how to prepare for a Win2K rollout, and discover hard-to-find insights into Registry management and security.

What's New?
In addition to providing Web resources, sends free, targeted email newsletters to more than 3.5 million subscribers each month. Readers of our weekly Windows 2000 Magazine UPDATE tell us that it's one of the most useful publications they read. Each of the 15 UPDATE email newsletters contains a commentary about industry news, the latest industry events, product information, alerts, and technical tips. Our email newsletters cover topics such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, storage technologies, training and certification, XML, Microsoft IIS, Win2K Professional, thin-client computing, application service providers (ASPs), and, of course, Win2K.

I hope you'll try our new portal and find everything you need. Let me know what you think of it.

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