Karamasoft Releases UltimateSearch 3.1 for ASP.NET

Karamasoft Releases UltimateSearch 3.1 for ASP.NET

Karamasoft announced UltimateSearch 3.1, an ASP.NET component that adds search functionality to your Web site. In ASP.NET applications, simply drag-and-drop the controls onto your page, index your site on the admin page, and start searching without any client-side or server-side coding.


This new version lets you load documents (PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT) from a database with the use of .ashx pages. This feature will be handy for content management systems that keep their content in a database. And documents don t have to reside on your local machine or network anymore. You can index remote documents by specifying the external links.

 Now you can index your site specifically for mobile devices. For example, espn.com renders different content for regular browsers and mobile devices. If you want to render special content to mobile users, and index that particular content, you can easily do so by setting the proper User-Agent in the Config file.

 UltimateSearch has built-in integration with UltimateSpell to provide spell-checking functionality. When the user misspells a word, it displays a Did you mean suggestion (as Google does). You can use the indexed words on your site as your base dictionary, or use a language dictionary among the provided 34 dictionaries for free.



UltimateSearch also comes with an Auto Complete feature similar to Google Suggest (http://www.google.com/webhp?complete=1&hl=en) that displays search term suggestions as you type them. It saves time, avoids spelling mistakes, and shows the indexed words immediately.



Licensed UISuite customers can download the UltimateSearch control for free. Others can download a fully functional trial version at http://www.karamasoft.com/Download.aspx.


Karamasoft LLC

Price: US$399

Web Site: http://www.karamasoft.com


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