Inner Media Releases Three .NET-supported Offerings

Inner Media Releases Three .NET-supported Offerings

  Inner Media has shipped new versions of DynaZip Max (5.0), DynaZip-NX (5.0), and Active Delivery (3.0).

  DynaZip Max and DynaZip-NX provide zip-compatible data compression, with a rich feature set, compatible with the widest range of development tools and languages. New features include full support for the .NET programming architecture, compatibility with the new PKZip format (4.5), the ability to zip files and data of virtually unlimited size (greater than 4 GB), and enhanced multi-volume zipping (spanning) directly to disk and network drives. Both products lend themselves to automated environments such as Web Servers and backup systems, and are fully compatible with Active Server Pages and ASP.NET.

  Active Delivery 3.0, a self-extracting zip toolkit, gives the programmer an easy path to create self-extracting zip files that have many of the features of setup and install programs. The main difference is that these "packages" are created under program control, are extremely customizable, and may be created on demand. In addition, like DynaZip, Active Delivery now includes .NET support plus support of DLL, ActiveX, and VCL components.


Inner Media, Inc.

Prices: US$299 for DynaZip Max 5.0; US$229 for DynaZip-NX 5.0; and US$249 for Active Delivery 3.0.

Contact: (800) 962-2949

Web Site:

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