Gnostice eDocEngine ActiveX/.NET 1.0 Available

GnosticeeDocEngine ActiveX/.NET 1.0 Available

Gnosticereleased Gnostice eDocEngine ActiveX/.NET, an electronic document creationcomponent suite for Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio.NET.

  eDocEngine enables you to create electronicdocuments in more than 18 formats, including PDF, RTF, HTML, Excel, TIFF, SVG,PNG, JPEG, and Metafile.

  eDocEngine provides full control to createany kind of document and add custom content to meet any kind of applicationneed. Advanced features for PDF output include compression, encryption,TrueType fonts, font embedding, font sub-setting, international characters,bookmarks, notes, annotations, and more. PDF AcroForms support enables you todesign PDF forms with support for buttons, checkboxes, lists, edit controls,JavaScript actions, and more.

  Vector graphics and Metafile renderingensure sharp scalable graphics in the generated PDF, RTF, or other supportedformats. Advanced drawing functions include support for drawing tables,paragraphs, and textboxes with a single method call. Paragraph control enablesautomatic alignment of multi-line text items. Left, right, center, or justifyalignment can be achieved by a single property setting. Built-in header andfooter control further simplifies document creation, and the extensiblearchitecture enables speedy and clean implementation of new features andformats.


GnosticeInformation Technologies

Price: See Web site.



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