Get Your ASP.NET in Gear with IntraWeb

Get Your ASP.NET in Gear with IntraWeb

Atozed announced IntraWeb, a Web application development framework for Visual Studio.NET, Delphi, C++Builder, Kylix, and Java. Using these languages, applications built with IntraWeb can be deployed on .NET, Windows, Linux, or any JDK-based platform. Using IntraWeb you can build applications for the Web (HTML 4.0 browsers or 3.2 browsers), PDAs, and mobile phones (WAP).

  Based on an HTML rendering engine, IntraWeb allows developers to design Web applications in the same way they would design WinForms applications. Using a drag and drop approach, developers can drop controls on forms (which can be thought of as a combination between HTML pages and forms), hook up events, and set properties. The code behind the application is pure .NET code that is executed on the server. However, IntraWeb does not require any knowledge of HTML or JavaScript.

  The result is a full-blown application server that resides on a server machine and can be accessed by clients using a browser. No ActiveX or client-side Java is required. All the output is a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. IntraWeb produces a servlet that is deployed to a Web server, and the browser receives a standard Web page.



Price: See Web site.

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