FMS Offers Five New Developer Products for Visual Studio .NET

FMS Offers Five New Developer Products for Visual Studio .NET

  FMS announced five developer products designed exclusively for Visual Studio .NET. These products provide a wide range of tools that simplify the efforts of .NET developers using Visual C# .NET and Visual Basic .NET (VB .NET), and increase the functionality of their applications.

  Total .NET Analyzer scans .NET applications to detect over 50 potential errors and issues to find problems before an application is deployed. Total .NET Renamer allows you to make name changes in C# and Visual Basic .NET code. Total .NET SourceBook provides an extensive collection of ready-to-use source code with a wide range of C# and VB .NET code, tips, tricks, and knowledge to build .NET applications faster and with fewer bugs. Total .NET XRef gives developers a way to instantly generate a complete cross-reference of their C# and VB .NET code. Total SQL Statistics helps you integrate a broad range of advanced, statistical analysis into .NET applications.


FMS, Inc.

Price: Contact FMS for pricing.

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