Fast Reports Releases FastReport .Net v.1.1

Fast Reports Releases FastReport .Net v.1.1


Fast Reports has announced the immediate availability of FastReport .Net 1.1, the latest version of this report generator. FastReport .Net 1.1 provides new features for application developers and report designers, among them the addition of two new UI styles, Office2007 and VistaGlass, to the report designer and preview window; new export filters (CSV and TXT); and the ability to print reports on dot matrix printers. Additional changes include improvement of all FastReport .Net's export filters and repair of bugs that were in V1.


FastReport .Net 1.1 runs on Windows Vista and XP, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008/2003 and supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2005 and CodeGear Delphi Prism. The product starts at $99 (US) for Basic Edition. For more information about the product, go to; the download link is at


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