ERM 3.0 .NET Edition

ERM 3.0 .NET Edition

Crainiate Ltd. has announced the new version of its popular ERM component, ERM 3.0 .NET Edition. Written in 100 percent managed code, ERM 3.0 for .NET lets you create interactive entity-relationship models such as flow charts, network diagrams, org charts, and UML applications. It features a complete programming model with an inheritable class hierarchy, a rich event model, and an integrated help file with examples, programming tips, and techniques. The fully customizable 2-D vector-based rendering engine supports advanced graphical features such as semitransparency, color gradients, shadows, and antialiasing. You also can move and scale objects interactively and use in-place text editing. It contains a customizable layout engine to arrange model nodes automatically in linear, radial, or flowchart arrangements.


Crainiate Ltd.

Price: $499

Contact: +44(0) 1491 412 727; mailto:[email protected]

Web Site:

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