Elementool Releases Bug Tracking Add-in for VS.NET 2005

Elementool Releases Bug Tracking Add-in for VS.NET 2005

Elementool announced the release of a bug tracking add-in tool for Visual Studio .NET 2005 developers. Available free to Elementool s community of project management solution subscribers, Elementool provides Web-based project management tools, including bug, defect, time-tracking, and help desk tools.

 This latest version of Elementool s service application bug tracking tool deploys directly in the VS.NET 2005 development environment. This provides developers with a way to track and save bugs, prioritize and assign bugs to team members, generate bug reports, customize forms and reports to their specific needs, and more, all within the VS.NET platform. It is ideal for developers working on small- to mid-size projects, who prefer to not use the management tool available within VS.NET 2005 itself.

 The new release of the Elementool add-in uses Elementool s own Bug Life Cycle Model to track and resolve issues during development. All of Elementool s tools are Web-based and offered as a service application. No software or hardware is ever needed; no database server, Web server, or client applications are required.

   The basic version of Elementool s bug tracking tool is free and there are no limits to the number of users who can access the Elementool account. Elementool constantly upgrades and updates its Web site and applications according to customer requests and needs, so developers are always assured of using the most up-to-date version of products. Developers can choose to stop using Elementool at any time, without obligation. When a project is finished, they can simply close their account.



Price: Free

Web Site: http://www.elementool.com


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