Ektron Announces CMS400.NET

Ektron Announces CMS400.NET

Ektron has added ASP.NET server controls to its content management solution. Ektron CMS400.NET, an XML content management solution built on the Microsoft .NET Framework, leverages strong capabilities of Visual Studio.NET to give developers a visual environment for integrating CMS components into Web templates, including content blocks, list summaries, collections search, calendars, and forms.

 CMS400.NET delivers a new suite of ASP.NET server controls that enable developers to work in a visual, drag-and-drop environment to integrate Ektron CMS components into their templates. Using CMS400.NET, developers can dynamically build and deploy Ektron-powered Web sites and dynamic Web applications using the Visual Studio.NET development environment, while also customizing them to fit specific business requirements. In addition to visual controls, Web developers can access CMS data objects exposed through the server controls via code-behind.

 CMS400.NET features a browser-based, Word-like authoring environment; automated workflow with task management; content versioning; audit trails; Web forms and calendar support; and a complete security model. Because CMS400.NET provides browser-based access to development environments, developers can be located anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to a browser.


Ektron Inc.

Price: See Web site.

Web Site: http://www.ektron.com


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