Dundas Map for .NET in Beta

Dundas Map for .NET in Beta

Dundas Software announced the start of the beta period for Dundas Map for .NET. Because some data is much better displayed using maps, Dundas Map for .NET complements the Dundas Chart and Gauge products, and provides flexibility in the development of custom, interactive dashboard solutions.

 Dundas Map for .NET is fully managed and includes full support for Visual Studio .NET 2003 and 2005. Dundas Map comes with a comprehensive feature set, full design wizards, a full sample framework, and a library of maps from around the world. It is available in ASP.NET and Windows Forms versions.

 Those wishing to sign up for the beta program can visit http://www.dundas.com/betas. More information, including a map gallery, key features, and benefits of Dundas Map for .NET can be found at www.dundas.com.


Dundas Software

Web Site: http://www.dundas.com


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