Dundas Chart for .NET v.6.1 Announced

Dundas Chart for .NET v.6.1 Announced

Dundas Data Visualization announced the production release of Dundas Chart for .NET v.6.1, an expansion of the company s .NET charting technology. This is the latest and most comprehensive upgrade of Dundas flagship .NET charting product.

 Among its key features, v.6.1 boasts full optimization for Visual Studio 2008 (while continuing to support Visual Studio 2005 and 2003), additional Rose Chart styles, versatile vertical column labels, efficient server scroll events (for AJAX), and more.

 This release also includes an update to Chart Builder. Released with v.6.0, Chart Builder is a robust editing tool for Dundas Chart.

 Available in ASP.NET and Windows Forms editions, Dundas Chart for .NET is a .NET charting solution that provides comprehensive features, a complete sample framework, and live technical support in the industry.

 Dundas Chart for .NET v.6.1 can be purchased from the Dundas Web site. A full-featured evaluation copy also can be downloaded from the site.


Dundas Data Visualization

Price: Professional Edition, US$699; Windows Forms Enterprise Edition, US$1,999; ASP.NET Enterprise Edition, US$2,999.

Web Site: http://www.dundas.com


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