Desaware Licensing System Version 1.1 for VS.NET

Desaware Licensing System Version 1.1 for VS.NET

Desaware is shipping the Desaware Licensing System, version 1.1. Built to take advantage of unique security features in the .NET Framework, such as strong named assemblies and XML signatures, the system relies on end to end cryptographic techniques, thus avoiding the use of hidden files, registry entries, and other traditional licensing schemes. The result is hardware-quality security without the use of external hardware.

 Version 1.1 features a new option to retrieve the current date via the Internet to make it difficult to extend a trial period by resetting the computer date. You can also secure your own assemblies from reverse engineering. There is new functionality to extend the license server, so you can embed custom data into the license certificate during the activation process. Custom server data is also digitally signed to prevent modification by the user. In addition, new samples demonstrate how to implement different licensing schemes with Desaware. Visit the Desaware Web site for complete details on all the new features.


Desaware, Inc.

Price: US$1,495 (includes one developer and one server license). Multiple-unit discounts and site licenses are available.

Web Site:

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