ComponentArt Releases Web.UI 2007.1 for ASP.NET

ComponentArt Releases Web.UI 2007.1 for ASP.NET

ComponentArt released version 2007.1 of Web.UI for ASP.NET. This version adds new ComboBox, ToolBar, and Dialog controls to the suite, and expands the set of controls for Microsoft s ASP.NET AJAX framework. Now featuring 16 user interface controls for use in ASP.NET, ASP.NET 2.0, and ASP.NET AJAX, Web.UI offers a comprehensive set of components.

 Web.UI for ASP.NET AJAX offers true integration with ASP.NET AJAX. Going beyond basic compatibility or interoperability, all controls inherit from the Sys.UI.Control client-side base class, expose extensive client-side object models built for the AJAX Library type system, and feature the ability to be programmatically modified on the client with immediate refresh of the corresponding screen area.

 With the version 2007.1 release of Web.UI, ComponentArt also introduces new and expanded Enterprise Services to address the needs of organizations with larger development teams. These services include dedicated training sessions for teams of developers (covering topics such as core features and advanced applications of the Web.UI component suite) and partnered .NET consulting services to assist customers with larger projects that utilize ComponentArt products. New support options are also available, including Enterprise Support Contracts, which provide direct links to senior product architects and high-level customer support priority.

 Web.UI 2007.1 is available for download at Visit for more details on ComponentArt s Enterprise Services.


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