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ComponentArt Introduces Web.UI for ASP.NET AJAX

ComponentArt announced the availability of Web.UI 2006.2 for ASP.NET AJAX (Beta), a suite of controls designed specifically for the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX development framework (formerly code-named Atlas ).

 ComponentArt Web.UI for ASP.NET AJAX offers integration into the new framework: All controls inherit from the Sys.UI.Control client-side base class and expose extensive client-side object models built specifically for the Microsoft AJAX Library type system.

 With ASP.NET AJAX, Microsoft has created a powerful foundation for the creation of highly optimized, next-generation client-centric Web applications. ComponentArt s Web.UI for ASP.NET AJAX introduces the ability to use the ASP.NET AJAX client-side syntax. Developers can now create solutions that modify or even create the entire structure of any UI control entirely on the client, without the need for callbacks or postbacks. All client-side changes are automatically persisted to the server-side object state on callback or postback.

 With Web.UI 2006.2, ComponentArt now offers three distinct platform builds: Web.UI for ASP.NET, for ASP.NET 2.0, and for ASP.NET AJAX. The ComponentArt Web.UI suite is available for purchase as a Developer, Subscription, or Enterprise license. Upgrade options are available for previous Web.UI customers, and those with active subscription licenses will receive the ASP.NET AJAX platform update as part of their Subscription at no additional cost.


ComponentArt Inc.

Price: Starts at US$799 per developer

Web Site:


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