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Build Your Own ASP.NET Website Using C# & VB.NET



Build Your Own ASP.NET Website Using C# & VB.NET

Here s the deal with this book: Newbies to the world of programming ASP.NET Web applications who are constrained to using the most cost-effective technologies Microsoft offers will be delighted with what author Zak Ruvalcaba has presented. Armed with a Windows 2000 or XP-loaded OS, the .NET Framework SDK, and Microsoft Access (with MSDE or SQL Server), readers will crawl, walk, and run with Zak as he teaches the practical uses of ASP.NET in fewer than 750 pages. After the obligatory Hello, world example in Chapter 2, discussions are dished out in terse prose designed to maximize ideas while conversely minimizing page real estate. To get an idea of the delivery style employed by the author, interested customers can submit their e-mail address to Sitepoint s Web site to download for free the first 4 chapters (129 pages) of the book in a single PDF file. Readers can also make a choice of the preferred language to work with, since every code sample in the book is presented in both C# and its VB.NET interpretation.


The chapters cover the standard outline of many ASP.NET tutorial books, starting with an introduction to and configuration of the ASP.NET development environment. Programming basics for C# and VB.NET are rapidly covered, followed by examples using Web forms and validation controls and database access using ADO.NET and SQL, then applying the DataSet skills with the DataGrid and DataList controls. These examples culminate in the construction of a practical ASP.NET shopping cart (complete with PayPal integration) using the principles and technologies described in previous chapters. The book s final chapters cover Error Handling, Security and User Authentication, manipulating files, processing e-mail, using rich controls, and using user-created controls. The book concludes with a 37-page chapter on XML and Web services. Appendixes for HTML and Web and Validation controls will keep the book within arms reach for many beginning and intermediate ASP.NET developers. In addition to the clear descriptions and code walkthroughs, the author also delivers code fragments that can be immediately put to use in many basic ASP.NET projects, such as using dynamic menus in a Web site, delivering e-mail newsletters via ASP.NET, and even performing Web searches via a Google Web service.


Somewhat unique to the Sitepoint product line is the addition of author blogs to its Web site (available at At the time of this review, Mr. Ruvalcaba had made seven entries (available at, some of which were reprints from the book. Combined with code downloads, free chapter reviews, errata, and updates, the book s companion site rounds out the overall package with topical supplemental material and a commitment to its readers. Overall, the book not only satisfies the delivery expectations, it excites.


Mike Riley



Title: Build Your Own ASP.NET Website Using C# & VB.NET

Author: Zak Ruvalcaba

Publisher: Sitepoint Pty. Ltd.

ISBN: 0-9579218-6-1

Book Web Site:

Price: US$44.95

Page Count: 746 pages



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