Build Apps for Mobile Devices with Microsoft .NET

Build Apps for Mobile Devices with Microsoft .NET

DevelopMentor announced a comprehensive training course to enable object-oriented programmers to build mobile applications using the .NET Compact Framework and ASP.NET Mobile Controls.

   "Building Mobile Applications with .NET" presents a detailed look at the fundamentals of developing and deploying wireless applications, including mobile phones and PDAs, using either C# or VB .NET. Software developers will learn how to build smart-client and browser-based mobile and wireless solutions and gain an understanding of the pros and cons of different design approaches.

  Course content includes techniques for managing data in the absence of reliable connectivity to a server, low-bandwidth communication options, application deployment to devices in the field, building Web pages that render effectively across a wide range of mobile devices, and more.

   "Building Mobile Applications with .NET" is a four-day course. Contact DevelopMentor for dates and locations. Developers should have at least one year of programming experience with a language such as C#, C++, Visual Basic, or Java, and familiarity with the Microsoft .NET Framework. No experience with mobile/wireless device programming is necessary.



Price: US$2,595

Web Site:


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